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🌸 Beware! These Flowers are Toxic to Your Feline Friend 🐱

If you have a cat, you should avoid having the following flowers in your home, as they are toxic to cats

  1. Lilies

2. Tulips

3. Daffodils

4. Hyacinths

5. Cyclamen

6. Foxglove

7. Gladioli

8. Iris

9. Azalea

10. Kalanchoe

Are preserved flowers safe for your cats?

The answer is YESS.

Preserved flowers are generally considered safer for cats than fresh flowers because they do not produce pollen or nectar, which reduces the risk of some allergic reactions. However, they can still pose risks if ingested. Certain types of dried and preserved flowers, such as baby's breath, can cause gastrointestinal distress if consumed by cats.

You can buy these preserved flowers here:

And our latest collection are:

However, we suggest to keep all flowers including fresh and preserved out of reach of pets to avoid potential health issues.

If you have any questions or enquiry about flowers, you can contact us at or call us at 0800 428 624. We are STYLISH FLOWERS located at Glenfield, Auckland with SAME DAY DELIVERY in Auckland (T&C's applied).

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